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More valuable property

Seen on Facebook:

“Women are not T-shirts to be tried on for a few weeks and discarded when they become uncomfortable or unsightly. They are diamonds to be treasured, protected, and perfected with hard labor and intention.”

Right. We shouldn’t treat women like property. Because they’re not just ordinary property. They’re valuable property. You know, like diamonds are more valuable than T-shirts.

And what’s this business about “protecting and perfecting” women? Not your job, buddy. It’s one thing to want to protect your kids (regardless of their age), but this “protect and perfect women” notion is utter foolishness.

It’s bad enough that evangelical churches insist on teaching the family values of Ancient Rome.

“I think this is tremendously important. Giving oneself to your spouse is so much more than giving oneself sexually. When a man leaves his father and mother, it should be leaving to cleave to his wife, not his girlfriend. ‘You’re my first’ should be all-encompassing, for the reward will be tremendous.”

But then they have the gall to insist that these values are “Biblical”.

“My daughter is MINE until she marries, signed, sealed, and Scripturally delivered (1 Cor. 7). That includes her emotions. That is why a man must literally give his daughter to be married. At some point, I will relinquish my God-given authority and stewardship over my daughter to another man, and it very much should be to a man whom she is marrying.”

Apparently, if you can find other Christians who agree with you, then whatever you believe must be Biblical. Fantastic! So that must mean string theory is Biblical because I know another Christian who believes in that too!

Divine facepalm.

This ridiculous drivel isn’t even in the Bible. Anywhere. They even admit it.

I can’t pull specific verses out of specific books of the Bible to prove my point. To me, this is merely historically and biblically-informed common sense.

Right. So, in other words, you’re making it up and calling it God’s Word. Nice.


12 responses to “More valuable property

  1. myatheistlife 2013/05/10 at 23:22

    “So, in other words, you’re making it up and calling it God’s Word. Nice.”

    This is what has been happening from the beginning. Much of the ‘advice’ in the quoted text is not from god and says nothing about who owns a daughter. It does mention that non-believers are to be treated well (at least while they are in the marriage).

    For god’s ‘law’ they found a Dear Abbey column and quoted it… nice.

  2. violetwisp 2013/05/11 at 02:04

    Wow, that first quote from Facebook is hilariously frightening!

    “you’re making it up and calling it God’s Word”
    Yes, as opposed to someone else made it up and called it the god God’s Word – because that’s totally fine! 🙂

  3. Claire 2013/05/11 at 05:52

    Thank you for putting words to this – the more valuable property thing is something I keep noticing and haven’t been able to criticise properly because I couldn’t put my finger on why it feels so wrong when people insist they’re actually giving this amazing dignity and worth to women – no you’re not because you’re still calling them objects, no matter how expensive those objects are! Will link people to this in future. Thanks.

  4. wrumbold 2013/05/11 at 06:24

    Nice piece, how much Religion is just making things up to fit your needs?
    Also like your face palm picture. Almost used that myself yesterday, but went with Picard instead. On reflection I like yours more.

  5. holly 2013/05/11 at 06:29


    but you realize of course…we wee lasses are unable to protect ourselves…we are so easily deceived by the likes of the snake….we need that male protection over our heads to protect us…


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