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INCESS: The slipperiest slope

As seen on Facebook:

Sure lets pass Gay marriage now! You reckon how long it’ll be before a father wants to marry his 15 yr old daughter?! Incess will be next!

Somehow I think this one speaks for itself.


8 responses to “INCESS: The slipperiest slope

  1. john zande 2013/05/21 at 10:02

    Why is he capitalising gay?

  2. forgedimagination 2013/05/21 at 11:08

    Libby Anne has an amazing argument for why conservatives (especially conservative Christians) always seem to connect LGBTQ with incest and bestiality. It’s because there are two “boxes” : The Sex God Allows Box, and the Sex God Does NOT Allow Box. Homosexual sex, bestiality, and incest are all in the Sex God Does NOT Allow Box.

    Sane people have two different boxes: Consensual Sex, and Non-Consensual Sex.

  3. violetwisp 2013/05/21 at 16:54

    Groan. I’m surprised there’s no reference to bestiality.

  4. rautakyy 2013/05/22 at 03:48

    Haha! A good one. It truly speaks for itself. I would answer that dude, that if you can not understand what is the difference between consenting adults having sex and incest, never have children! And for all those fans of the bestiality, I would add, that if you do not understand the difference between consenting HUMAN adults having sex and having sex with an animal, never aquire any pets. 😉

  5. Elmo 2013/05/31 at 11:36

    Incest is one of those slippery words all its own. In the USA (and much of the English-speaking world) it focuses on sex between relatives — most commonly within a nuclear family structure.
    I first heard the word in an Anthropology class where the focus was on marriage — the incest taboo was considered universal to the extent that there are always rules that govern who you are permitted to marry based on kinship. But it was not universal in biological terms as some places prefer that a man marry his mother’s-brother’s-daughter and a woman marry her father’s-sister’s-son while the mother’s-sister’s-daughter and father’s-brother’s-son are respectively forbidden. Biologically, the percentage of shared genes is identical but socially, the relationship is usually quite different.

    Returning to the USA, it is notable that some states permit 1st cousins to marry while others forbid them from marrying just as some states permit persons of the same sex to marry while others deny the privilege. We also tend to view sexual relations between step-siblings (with no genetic connection) as incest as is also the case with stepparent-stepchild sex and we call them “incestuous” (as did Hamlet when his mother married her dead husband’s brother although when my friend’s mother married her dead husband’s brother no one thought it worth mentioning).

    Hence, I conclude that arguments about incest in the context of same-sex marriage are irrelevant because they are both determined by cultural rules.

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