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Porneia – Part 3: Sex and sensibility

Earlier, I wrote about the kind of stigma wrongfully attached to unwed parents. I also wrote about the Bible’s teachings on “fornication”.

In the latter post, I made the point that Christian obsession with sexual sin is arguably more prurient than puritan. But I also explained how “fornication” (as used in the Bible) is almost unquestionably a reference to prostitution and promiscuity, not sex itself. As it turns out, the Bible doesn’t actually ever call premarital sex a sin.

But does that mean all sex is okay?

This true-color image is an actual photograph of the surface of Venus, taken in 1982 by the Soviet Venera 13 lander. Image courtesy NASA.

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Fundamentalism and biblical inerrancy

Note: this is the properly edited release of an earlier attempt at reblogging….something that WordPress really doesn’t do all that well.

Came across this post by John Zande over at the superstitious naked ape and had to reblog it.

Thank gawd for the fine folk over at The Reason Project, and the ever brilliant, devilishly witty Arbourist at Dead Wild Roses for this gem. Behold, the complete list of bible contradictions. Click on it for the full picture.

The bars that run along the bottom represent the 1189 chapters of the bible with the length of each bar corresponding to the number of verses in each chapter. White bars represent the Old Testament and grey bars represent the New Testament. Each arc indicates a contradiction.

Of course, I’ve seen this before, but it’s still amusing. And naturally, I can’t help but wonder if this is really the complete list. I mean, don’t they have a few more they can come up with? Read more of this post

Wait, I’m actually a parent?

Parents are other people who have multiple children of at least preschool age. Parenting is the practice of dealing with difficult questions asked by inquisitive six-year-olds.

There is no way I’m a parent. Other people are parents, not me.

At least, that’s been the subconscious train of thought running through my head ever since I found out we were expecting last year. So much so that when I created this blog a few days ago, it didn’t even remotely occur to me that I might be writing about parenting issues in the near future. But apparently (no pun intended), I am.

With parenthood comes a new and novel set of decisions that have to be made. Suddenly, I am completely responsible for another human being, and my decisions will directly determine his fate. Making good decisions becomes even more important….which begs the question: how do we know what constitutes a good decision? What’s the proper process for decision-making?


Don’t take vaccines! I believe that God created everything we would ever need for every illness out there because He is all knowing and knew what diseases would be a result from sin entering the world. For instance, using Elderberry prevents the flu. Also there are so many remedies if you do get sick with various diseases. Media paints horror stories about diseases and how they kill people! Those stories are taken from 3rd world countries that people are left untreated. Don’t ever believe the media and their majorly twisted stories!

I’m sure this kind of malformed rambling is what every pediatrician thinks of when a parent expresses misgivings about vaccination schedules. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least. Nonetheless, we won’t be giving our kid the CDC recommended schedule of vaccinations, regardless of our pediatrician’s protests.

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Introductions are probably in order

Billions of tonnes of gas from the outer layers of a massive red giant were flung into space by this dying star. They glow due to the continued radiation emitted from the stellar remnant at the center.

Planetary Nebula NGC 6302, image courtesy NASA. Billions of tonnes of gas from the outer layers of a massive red giant were flung into space by this dying star. They glow due to the continued radiation emitted from the stellar remnant at the center.

I used to blog quite a lot. Of course, those were different days. I was in high school, I was a scrawny, home-schooled know-it-all, and I was sure I was God’s gift to humankind. If only all those foolish atheists and evolutionists and egalitarians and feminists and Arminians andĀ potheadsĀ and revisionists and liberals and their ilk would just read and understand my flawless reasoning, the world would be such a nice place.

Things change. A lot.

I’m married now. I have a kid. I have a degree in physics and no plans of going to law school or running for public office. I’m a good deal more interested in how people think and not quite so worried about what they think. I’m thankful for the blessings I have, and I hope people around me know it.

I don’t really know exactly what paths this blog will take. So….we’ll see.