Science and Other Drugs

….maybe a little less wrong….

This Blog

I blogged pretty heavily back in the day. Religion, politics, creationism….I knew it all, and I was sure everyone wanted to hear what I had to say.

Going to try not to do that. At least, not that exactly.

Keeping this blog anonymous will be a bit of an exercise in self-control. Of course, anyone who knows me be able to tell who I am if they run across it, but hopefully that won’t happen too often. The things I say may not be entirely complimentary to everyone I know….not that I’m trying to be caustic or anything. I just want the freedom to say whatever I feel like saying without worrying that I’m going to crush anyone’s spirit or create decade-long offenses.

That probably sounds bitter. I’m really not. It’s just that I’ve spent my entire life couching everything I say in terms that won’t offend the expectations of my parents and everyone they know. This blog is a chance to do something different: my own brave new world.


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